A place where poetry meets the heart

Hello! My name is Terrance P. Elmore and I wanted to create a space where I can share some of my thoughts that I’ve put into words. A switch up from the usual content on social media and television these days. A place where everyone can come and enjoy a few delights, leaving satisfied. Welcome to The Brown Sugar Café. Please seat yourself and enjoy!

A New Season

Love fell on them like the leaves in autumn. It was the birth of a new season of love. A timelessness that will never fade. Seasons may change but the […]

A Better Tomorrow

Saying goodbye to yesterday makes room for today. Lessons learned and memories gained. All regrets are off the table. Pull up a chair to A better today. A better tomorrow. […]


Sunsets close out the day with an alluring mixture of what’s closing out, with what’s beginning. It’s the meeting place for illuminated dreams and the vibrant colors of live. Daylight […]


Being undefeated doesn’t mean being free from opposition. It’s being victorious in spite of opposition. It’s rising up when everything else is telling you to stay down. It’s pushing forward […]


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