A place where poetry meets the heart

Hello! My name is Terrance P. Elmore and I wanted to create a space where I can share some of my thoughts that I’ve put into words. A switch up from the usual content on social media and television these days. A place where everyone can come and enjoy a few delights, leaving satisfied. Welcome to The Brown Sugar Café. Please seat yourself and enjoy!

You Can’t Give Up

I know you’ve had setbacks, but… You cant give up. I know you don’t think you deserve happiness, but… You can’t give up. Someone needs to hear your story, so… You can’t give up. Someone needs to be inspired by you, so… You can’t give up. Someone needs your strength, so… You can’t give up. […]

Trust and Know

Know that you will make mistakes, but trust you will not repeat them. Trust your heart, but know when your mind is made up. Know that we are all imperfect, but trust that your imperfections has purpose. Trust the process, but know the journey. Know that pain won’t always remain the same, but trust that […]

Field of Dreams

We walked through the field of dreams and discovered that this is where the blue daffodils grow. The earth beneath our feet was warm with a sense of life. The sun shined with a perfect radiance and gently kissed our skin. We took deeper breaths, and the air tasted like honey. We walked through our […]

I Became You

When I saw you I beganto stare in admiration.The fearlessness in youreyes opened up thewindow of my soul. My spirit was awakenedand renewed. The joy inyour smile broughtlaughter into my life.-A new found happinessand appreciation forthe little things in life. Your upright posturegave me the confidenceto stand more firm in my truth.I was looking in […]


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