A place where poetry meets the heart

Hello! My name is Terrance P. Elmore and I wanted to create a space where I can share some of my thoughts that I’ve put into words. A switch up from the usual content on social media and television these days. A place where everyone can come and enjoy a few delights, leaving satisfied. Welcome to The Brown Sugar Café. Please seat yourself and enjoy!

This Feeling

this feeling I getevery time you’re aroundI’m hoping it willlinger a little longerI need you to stay forever this feeling I getmeets me where ever I amjust to let me knowthe depth of its commitmentto be a part of my life this feeling I getevery time you’re aroundI am realizingit’s up to me to keep […]

Playing it Safe

Some of us have gotten to the point where we are searching for change every day. Every day we’re tapping into something to help us get to the next level. Whether writing positive affirmations, reading a motivational book, listening to inspiring audio, or watching an educational video, some of us have said just enough is […]

Your Love Story (part 2)

Your Love Story (part 1) Who’s the author of your love story? Is it whispered from the soul of lovers, or is it shouted from unhealed heartache, driven by the need to show your past that you are no longer broken? The intimacy of tone echoes through loveless spaces, fills them with unwavering hope, and […]


To tell the broken-hearted that time heals all wounds is to neglect the indefiniteness of time. In any present moment, we could be living in the past while looking to the future. Time plays by its own rules while convincing us that it’s always on our side. When the demand is up, the supply is […]


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