A place where poetry meets the heart

Hello! My name is Terrance P. Elmore and I wanted to create a space where I can share some of my thoughts that I’ve put into words. A switch up from the usual content on social media and television these days. A place where everyone can come and enjoy a few delights, leaving satisfied. Welcome to The Brown Sugar Café. Please seat yourself and enjoy!

Expect the Unexpected

What you think is amistake is designedfor your strength. Embrace what youcannot erase. Sometimes what seemsto be forever isonly for a season. Let go of what doesn’tallow you to grow. Prepare for failureand meet it head-on—know that woulddetermine the outcome. Expect the unexpectedand know the unknown. Let’s Stay Connected:

An Empty Room

If you placed all of your worries in an empty room, how much space would you have for anything else? Would you be able to sit with patience and allow yourself grace? Would you be able to stand for what’s right, instead of lying down on the floor when it’s convenient? If you placed all […]

Grounded (part 1)

Grounded in a place where thoughts turn with precision like the gears of a clock. Big thoughts… Little thoughts… Each one, important to the next. Whispers of monologues and shouts of one-word responses to life’s most challenging questions. Will you answer the call? Yes. Grounded in a place where senses are sharpened. —Each inhale becomes […]

Meaningful Relationships

The other morning, while brushing my teeth, I started thinking about people and how we interact with each other. Then, I began to think about different relationships and how important meaningful relationships are to our lives and having a better quality of life. So many people have become stagnant in their lives as a result […]


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