Comforting and unique, your presence ignites my creativity. I am myself when I’m around you. Handled with your love and wrapped in your sensitivity.

You have become my greatest inspiration. What my life has been missing. Now I’m focused and driven, nothing can break my concentration.

I feel a freedom that’s with me even when you’re not near. A freedom that eases my mind and makes my vision clear. A freedom to break down every wall. A freedom to move forward and conquer all.


Is this just a thought or the start of a memory?

Is this only for the moment or is this a lifetime’s beginning?

Is this just a promise kept or a destiny fulfilled?

Is this a dream come true or is this the manifestation of purpose?

Is this a love blossoming or is this the revealing of a love that was always fully bloomed?

Am I reflecting on things I’ve wanted or is this a reflection of more than I’ll ever need?


She pays attention…

To the quietest of words spoken in the loudest places.

He has her attention…

She listens to the way his heart skips a beat whenever she enters the room.

She pays attention…

To the way he greets her.

To the gentleness that’s in his strong arms.

Not gentle in its touch but gentle in the way it speaks to her heart.

She pays attention…

To the way he looks at her.

She sees in his eyes that he believes in her and admires her. He admires her strength as well as her beauty. He admires her class as well as her sass. He admires how she knows just what he needs even when he doesn’t.

He admires how he has her attention.

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