She pays attention… To the quietest of words spoken in the loudest places. He has her attention… She listens to the way his heart skips a beat whenever she enters the room. She pays attention… To the way he greets her. To the gentleness that’s in his strong arms. Not gentle in its touch but […]


I couldn’t see a moment without you in my life. You taught me how to touch the sky and I never looked down again. I felt the difference you started to make in my life. The aroma of more than enough is what I smelled. The sound of your voice became necessary. Five senses… In […]

Liebster Award

LIEBSTER AWARD 2018 Posted by The Brown Sugar Cafe on APRIL 7, 2018 Greetings!!! I have the pleasure of being nominated to the Liebster Award this year by Gabby Salazar. She has a great blog, Express the Gabbiness, that you should definitely check out! When it comes to my blog, I always look forward to […]


The desires of her heart began to change… So she was in anticipation for love. She began to believe that it was real… So she was willing to trust love. Her heart was prepared for love… So when it came, she was able to receive love. She was in expectancy of love… So when it […]

The Essence of a Woman 

Never have I seen a woman more beautiful. A woman who wears confidence as if it was designed for her and only her. It’s in the way she walks. It’s in the way she speaks. Her Intelligence dances on her words with the echo of her voice. As flawless in character as she is in […]


The fullness of your love is the unbreakable connection to my heart. The unselfishness of your heart is the unbreakable connection to my love. The strength of your love is the unbreakable connection to my life. The wisdom of your heart is the unbreakable connection to my love. You’re all I ever want and need. […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award

It feels great to know that something you spend a lot of your time on is being appreciated by others. In my case, it is posting my writings here and I always feel glad to know that you guys like them! Thank you to The Scribblings for nominating me for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award’!!! RULES: […]


What does love sound like? The voice of understanding and patience… What does love feel like? The bosom of compassion and selflessness… What does love smell like? The fragrance of forever… What does love taste like? The sweet nectar from the fruit of the Spirit… What does love look like? You and me…

Take a Sip

The kindness of her heart was the first thing I felt when we said hello. Her compassion touched my desires and found it’s way into my life. The softness of her voice was the last thing I heard when we said good night. Her words pierced my ambitions and found their way to my dreams. […]

Your Smile

It’s in your smile that I feel the presence and warmth of your heart. It’s your smile that’s captivated and held me from the very start. It’s in your smile that I’ve found inspiration and motivation. In your smile are some of the reasons to love without fear or hesitation. It’s in your smile that […]