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Tag: God


As we’re living in an unbalanced world filled with hatred, we lean on love to find balance. We must lean on God to find peace, wisdom to find courage, and […]

Falling Ashes

Lit by torture, ashes fell like the tears from a scorched nation; bleeding with a fire of weariness. After the bleeding finally stops, will these be the last tears her […]

Worth Knowing

Know that love is waiting. Know that love is here. Know that love is freedom. Know that love is everything we are. Know that love is everything we are not. […]

Love Never Dies

Know that love never dies. It finds its way through with its strength and keeps getting stronger because without love we are but empty vessels drifting on a hopeless sea […]


endless are the possibilities with a heart that’s open to receive . . . While you’re here, check out the updates I’ve made to my page and subscribe if you […]


If tomorrow doesn’t come, then today…. Hug a little longer Laugh a little louder Smile a little brighter Dream a little bigger Love a little deeper If tomorrow doesn’t come, […]

Hey You (Part 1)

Hey you! You were on my mind and well…. I thought I should let you know. It’s nothing new or random. I’ve just never told you when or how much […]


Freedom is a promise kept to your heart. A promise that’s reassuring to your soul. To be free as a bird is to be tamed with confidence in who you […]

Love Language

Love is Happiness. Love is Joy. Love is Power so pain…. it will destroy. Love is An experience your heart won’t regret. Love has An essence your heart won’t forget. […]


Don’t let the misrepresentation of love become the understanding of love. Disrespect is a mishandling. Dishonor is dismantling. Don’t let the misrepresentation of love become the understanding of love. Love […]


I learned how to smile for the first time and began to see life as an opportunity rather than a consequence. Joy became my guide and laughter my path. I’m […]


always be intentional with your heart as it personifies the full essence of love ——————————————- New book coming soon….”The Essence of Love” Let’s Stay Connected! Instagram: @TheBrownSugarCafe Facebook: The Brown […]

Just In Case

Just in case, let me hold you with endless contentment and timeless love. Just in case, let me look into your eyes and see the lovingness that’s in your heart. […]


Conversations about nothing, just to hear each other’s voices. Their voice reaches your inhibitions and confidence is no longer dormant. Your voice reaches their anxieties and affirmations are born. Together […]

Things to Come (part 2)

He is strength in its purest form. Naturally compassionate with the brilliance of finesse and the dexterity of a protector. Always hopeful and driven, time is no longer existence, but […]

I am Love

When you aren’t looking, you will find me. When you’ve given up, I am hope. When you need it, I will give you strength. When you’re in doubt, I am […]