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The Embodiment of Admiration

There’s an admiration when he looks at her…

He admires her brilliance. Her mind is so attractive as it breaks down the most complex things and simplifies them effortlessly. He admires her heart. It’s open so freely and so selflessly.

He admires her devouring presence. She’s the center of attention in any situation. He admires her spirit. It’s sweet like honey and as peaceful as a dove.

He admires her beauty. That begins and has its strength from the inside. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world…

He’s in constant admiration.


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Book: Love Letters: A Collection of Poems


  1. I really liked this. I think I liked it so much Bc it reminds me of … ME. Sadly I want a man to think of me in this way yet I haven’t found it. I like the way you think. Even more I love the way you express yourself. Good one✨

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