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The Meeting Place (Part 1)

There’s a familiar place where we must go to meet the memories we’ve left behind.

Not because they were too tragic or too hard to bear. We left them behind because we let life take its place. Not life in the sense of living but exiting.

We let existing in a life take the place of memories that we left behind. Memories when we dreamed big and feared little.

A fear that was disguised as complacency. Because that’s what complacency is right? Fear of change and the unknown.

Finding comfort in the convenient because we convinced ourselves that anything different would be an inconvenience.




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  1. I love this! The last line really resonated. I think we all fall into this ‘comfort zone’ believing that in doing so, we’re making the best choice for our lives because it’s ‘safe’. The problem is that all the things that are really worth it, the things we want most in life, requiring taking chances and stepping out of that comfort zone.

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