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Category: Poetry


endless are the possibilities with a heart that’s open to receive . . . While you’re here, check out the updates I’ve made to my page and subscribe if you […]

Work of Art

You wear beauty like a work of art. It’s abstract with compliments of your curves to your skin, and displays elegant isms of real impressions of a heart dressed in […]

Permission Granted (Part 2)

Give your creativeness permission to flourish by taking down barriers of comfort. Give your prayers permission manifest by taking away the voices of fear and doubt. Give your love permission […]


Healing is taking what was hidden inside to fix what we never thought could be broken. . . . My new book, The Essence of Love is available now on […]

Permission Granted (Part 1)

Give your heart permission to heal by taking back the power from hurt. Give your thoughts permission to transform by taking back the hold of complacency. Give your dreams permission […]

Live and Love

live life without an obstructed view of your dreams and love life with a fullness of your heart . . . My new book, The Essence of Love is available […]


If tomorrow doesn’t come, then today…. Hug a little longer Laugh a little louder Smile a little brighter Dream a little bigger Love a little deeper If tomorrow doesn’t come, […]

Life Begins

One day You’ll realize Just how special you are And that will be the day life Begins . . My new book, The Essence of Love is available now on […]

A Love Story

What’s a love story without… Yesterday’s promises being the foundation of today. Building each day with love, patience, and kindness. Our future began with the first hello and we’re still […]

I Was Reminded

All I needed was the sound of your voice and I was reminded of how effortlessly love can move. All I needed was the sound of your voice and I […]


Meaningful moments are created when we embrace and cherish each other. Meaningful relationships are created when we encourage and respect each other. Meaningful experiences are created when we let go […]


Not just on Christmas but everyday. May love and joy fill our hearts in every way. May the memories that we make be the ones that we hold true. As […]

Cherishing the Moment

Cherish these moments… as they’ll become the sweetest memories of the past. Filled with laughter. Filled with hope. Filled with promise. Filled with love. Cherish these moments… even if they […]


trust yourself with the acceptance that your happiness comes from within ———————————- My new book, The Essence of Love is available now on Amazon!!! Instagram: @TheBrownSugarCafe Facebook: The Brown Sugar […]

Hey You (Part 1)

Hey you! You were on my mind and well…. I thought I should let you know. It’s nothing new or random. I’ve just never told you when or how much […]


Freedom is a promise kept to your heart. A promise that’s reassuring to your soul. To be free as a bird is to be tamed with confidence in who you […]