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Tag: Love

It’s My Book’s Birthday!!!

On this day in 2018 I published my first book, Love Letters: A Collection of Poems. Poetry is where I began writing, but I would have never imagined that my […]

What if I?…

What if I said hello? Would you just say hello in return or would you see that this would be our beginning? What if I called you? Would you just […]


love introduced itself with piercing softness and I’m forever its ambassador • • • This poem is featured in my up and coming book, “The Essence of Love”. ———————————– Connect […]


My emotions were harnessed in a river of doubt Reaching and pulling towards the surface I was ready to elevate I was willing to accept love I was ready to […]


love moves with finesse and sticks with the sweetness of honey • • • This poem is featured in my up and coming book, “The Essence of Love”. ———————————– Connect […]


I’ve loved you Since I first laid eyes on you I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful From the inside out Your heart’s compassion touched my soul Your love is full […]


Cared for with the fruit of gentleness, her spirit was nurtured and forever taken care of. She was appreciated by love. Shown respect in her value, her heart was embraced […]

Thank You

Thank you for patiently waiting until you found us and brought us together. Your kindness is what filled our hearts with compassion. Never in competition with time, you took your […]


It’s knowing without hesitation, even when you think everyone else can’t see, that you’re beautiful. Sketched from the inside, it’s a masterpiece of perfection. Its the ability to recognize that […]

The Island

It was an imperfect but balanced island. Passed by many because the sands appeared bare and lifeless. Passed by many because their eyes weren’t open enough to see. Passed by […]


I’ve drifted off into the serenity of thoughts. I’ve entered a place where the laughter echos with the tone of happiness. I’ve entered into a place where a smile is […]

Embracing the Fall

Falling in love happens when falling out of fear happens. Falling in love happens when falling out of doubt happens. Falling in love happens when falling out of expectation happens. […]

Buried Treasures

The surface feels safe but it’s what lies beneath that makes the difference. What’s not seen but still felt. When you reach deep, you reach true. When you reach true […]

In a Mood

She carries a gentleness that’s calming when emotions become reckless. There’s strength in her gentleness that comes from a purest of hearts. Her words are kind. Her words are meaningful. […]


It was the season when the leaves began to fall when they fell in love. That’s when they let their guards down and began to trust love. That’s when they […]

Self Love

She trusted him with her heart and it began to heal. The broken pieces were put back together. She discovered that how to turn the once forgotten happiness of her […]