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Tag: Love


What does love sound like? The voice of understanding and patience… What does love feel like? The bosom of compassion and selflessness… What does love smell like? The fragrance of […]

Take a Sip

The kindness of her heart was the first thing I felt when we said hello. Her compassion touched my desires and found it’s way into my life. The softness of […]

Your Smile

It’s in your smile that I feel the presence and warmth of your heart. It’s your smile that’s captivated and held me from the very start. It’s in your smile […]

When I Say I Love You

When I say I love you… It’s deeper than just the sound of my voice. It comes from a place that only you can reach. Listen with your heart because […]


You’re beautiful in every way… and I appreciate you for it. It’s not just on the outside… and I love you for it. You wear your beauty with honor because […]

When He Found…

He found balance where he only knew unbalance and confusion. He found his way to the light when he thought darkness was all that was around him. He found hope […]

If We

If this is a dream, don’t wake me up. Let’s create every moment as it becomes our reality. If this is too good to be true, prove it to me. […]

Turn the Pages

She found comfort in the promises that were written on the pages of her heart. Each new chapter prepared her for the next. Each new chapter brought her closer to […]


Sit down at the blank canvas of purpose with a paint brush of vision. Mix the colors of the desire’s of the heart with the focus of the mind. Paint […]

Love’s Lyrics

You are the lyrics to my favorite song…. Each verse is the nature of your beauty. Your smile saturates the chorus. Your eyes are in the perfect note. The melody […]

Endless Beginnings

(a poem featured in Love Letters) The destination only has room for what’s new and created between the two. Old things left behind along the way. New memories created for […]

You Are

You are the light that brings in the morning….beauty that dances across the clouds as it fills the sky. You are the air that I breathe….with each breath I am […]

No Vacancy

When she opened her heart, she was able to open her eyes…. She was able to see love. When she opened her heart, she was able to open her arms….. […]