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Tag: Love


Two eyes meet for one shared moment. Two voices connect for one conversation. Two hands together in one embrace. Two hearts side by side in one hug. Two lips touch […]

Thank You Jesus

I’m thankful in the morning… When you allow me to open my eyes and start the day.  Thank you for who you are. Thank you for who I am because […]

Hearts Will

There’s a desire within our hearts….that’s where love begins…… Our hearts will always crave love. Our hearts will always follow love. Our hearts will always prove love. Our hearts will […]

Together (147 revisited)

When she’s not around him….SHE longs to see the smile she puts on his face. When he’s not around her……’s always an unfamiliar place. It can be a place he’s […]


If you search, you will find me. If you search, you will see me. If you search, you will talk to me. If you search, you will learn me. If […]

Love’s Beauty 

When it comes to love… Only in its authenticity do we recognize its true beauty. A beauty that will never have the ugliness of hurt and pain. A beauty that […]


He understands her because he listens to her with his heart and watches her with his desire to truly know her. She understands him because his heart tells her what […]