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Together (147 revisited)

When she’s not around him….SHE longs to see the smile she puts on his face. When he’s not around her……’s always an unfamiliar place. It can be a place he’s been to many times before…..but because she’s not there…..he doesn’t know this place anymore.

When he’s around her….HE is attentive to her desires and needs. In this she finds comfort……and sits back while he takes the lead. When she’s around him….she’s attentive to his mind and heart. So words of encouragement are what she will always impart.

At all times THEY make each other better with a desire and willingness that’s forever strong. Improving each other’s weaknesses because learning and understanding each other is lifelong. At all times they’re in admiration of the place from which love grew. A place of promise and happiness that can never be empty nor untrue.


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