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In a Mood

She carries a gentleness that’s calming when emotions become reckless. There’s strength in her gentleness that comes from a purest of hearts.

Her words are kind.

Her words are meaningful.

Her words are needed.

It’s her presence that changes the mood.

There’s brilliance in the way she carries herself. Effortlessly she’s noticed whenever she steps into any space.

It’s far more than her attractiveness.

It’s far more than the way she moves across the room.

It’s far more than the perfume that’s on her skin.

It’s her presence that creates a mood.

She has an ebullient spirit that drowns out unhappiness and suffocates uncertainty. When you’re her it’s an experience that leaves you feeling inspired. She’s empowered by confidence and embedded in love.

It’s her presence that is the mood.


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