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Gratitude and Grace

Thankful for how far
we have come and
the journey along the way.

Though it looked impossible,
we made it this far with
so much further to go.

Taking time to celebrate the victories,
and evaluate the losses.

Making corrections when needed
and improvements to the things
that have worked before.

Elevating our confidence,
while eliminating our doubts.

Loving ourselves more,
while uplifting others along the way.

Honoring those who were
there for us, and remembering
to be there for them,
when they need us most.

At the beginning of each day,
thanking God for another
opportunity to make an
impact in someone’s life .

Never taking for granted
the gift of life and paying
it forward every chance we get.

Asking ourselves,
“who loses if we don’t win?”

Doing our very best and
never settling for anything less.

Living life intentionally
and living a life filled
with gratitude and grace.

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