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What If?

What if you could believe in yourself as much as I do; would you stop doubting yourself and do what you know you can do?

What if you could change the world; where would you start, and who would you begin with?

What if you could make your dreams come true; would you start dreaming bigger and wanting more?

What if you could love anyone; would you start by loving yourself first?

What if you could make someone smile today; would you stop hesitating when you know you should engage?

What if you knew you couldn’t lose; how far would you run or how high would you jump?

What if you could live forever; how much of that time would you use to make a difference in some else’s life?

What if you could start today; would it be worth waiting until tomorrow?

What if you never try; how will you know all that you can do?

Click the image below and check out the trailer for my podcast! That’s right, The Brown Sugar Café now has a podcast. Make sure to follow on your favorite podcast platform.

Welcome to The Brown Sugar Café Podcast

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