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Meaningful Relationships

The other morning, while brushing my teeth, I started thinking about people and how we interact with each other. Then, I began to think about different relationships and how important meaningful relationships are to our lives and having a better quality of life. So many people have become stagnant in their lives as a result of mishandling people and the relationships that were intended to bring out their best.

Usually, when we think of relationships, romantic relationships are the ones that come to mind first.—Finding Mr./Mrs. Right, who to date, who we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with, etc., but there are three other basic types of relationships: family relationships, friendships, and acquaintanceships. How much do we think about building those relationships? Are we being intentional in these types of relationships? And how much emphasis are we putting on building meaningful relationships?

Meaningful Relationships aren’t about give and take; they’re about pouring into each other, building each other, and being there for each other. There are several benefits to having meaningful relationships, but here are a few that I believe are most important to each other:




Things are to be USED. People are to be LOVED.


Having people in our lives that keep us accountable for our actions is important to our growth and development. Sometimes we become so focused that we don’t notice when we are getting off track or when our integrity is being challenged, so having the right people around us makes a difference. Accountability isn’t only about making corrections, it’s about being trustworthy with our actions and our words. People who truly want to see you win will not stand by and watch you lose. They will make sure that you operate with accountability in everything that you do.

Helping build others is an important part of building ourselves, as iron sharpens iron. Seeing someone achieve their goals, and becoming the best version of themselves is rewarding. It makes you appreciate who you are and the gift that you are. I believe that our paths cross with the people we are supposed to help along this journey called life. We are supposed to help build each other, whether for a lifetime or season. Whatever the case may be, we should make those relationships meaningful and find value in each one.

We can all agree that having a helping hand would make any activity go a lot smoother, and we could get a lot done in less time. There’s strength in numbers, and where one is weak, another is strong. The weight of the world can be heavy, sometimes we need a spotter to help us push through. Eventually, we become stronger and don’t need a spotter, but in a meaningful relationship, one is standing by just in case. There’s strength in our weakness, and often it takes another person to help us see it.

I hope that this blog post has inspired you and made you take look at the relationships that you are in. What are the changes that need to be made to make them more meaningful? What ways can you pour into others to make a positive impact in their lives? How will you engage with others, and how will you start creating meaningful relationships?

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  1. It seems as though this is a season where people are truly assessing their relationships outside of romantic relationship dynamics. I recently was talking to a friend and asked why do they tend to have a keener attention to detail in their romantic relationships than their platonic ones and they really couldn’t answer. Most people can’t answer that. Relationships in general, are something I struggle to maintain. It could be my introvertedness or some subconscious defense mechanism… still trying to figure it out.

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    • I think it has a lot to do with the pandemic and really having to take a pause. We’ve all done more evaluations in a short time than we would have otherwise. I think less attention is placed on platonic relationships because social media has made it possible for us to befriend each other quicker and easier. Sometimes relationships are a struggle to maintain because so-called friends are only around for their benefit.


  2. Love this Post. Relationships have definitely been a thing of reflection nowadays that has shown a lot for many people, myself included. It’s a hard thing to do but a necessary thing. Sharing this post!

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