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Grounded (part 1)

Grounded in a place where
thoughts turn with precision
like the gears of a clock.

Big thoughts…
Little thoughts…
Each one, important to the next.

Whispers of monologues and
shouts of one-word responses
to life’s most challenging questions.

Will you answer the call? Yes.

Grounded in a place where
senses are sharpened.

—Each inhale becomes
a new taste of life, and each exhale
sounds like the echoes of unlocked chains
dropping in an emptied room.

In addition to my podcast launch, I will be posting lifestyle blog posts at least once a month. The posts will be focused on thought provoking topics and will be used for future podcasts. Just in case you missed it, yesterday I posted Meaningful Relationships . Check it out and if it resonates with you, like it, comment, and share it.

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