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Catch up

I think I need to
catch up with me.

I don’t think where
I am now is where
I’m supposed to be.

I’ve had a few roadblocks,
but they didn’t stop me.

Most were needed pauses
to rethink and reassess
a few things.

Once or twice I might have
paused too long,
but I started again.

Along the way,
my dreams kept going
and that’s when it felt like
I was fading away
in the distance.

But I’ve refocused my mind
and regained my purpose.

Every day I’m finding
new inspiration and motivation.

Every day I’m closer
to catching up with me.

The funny thing is,
the more I catch up me,
the more I realize
I’ve always been
on the path where
I needed to be.

The real me has been
right here all along.

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