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She wakes me up in the morning
with a soft whisper and a kiss on the cheek…

“good morning,” she says…
“it’s time to start your day.”
It’s so sweet and mellow
that now I’m contemplating.
Should I get up?
Or just chill and lay?

I guess I’ll get up.

I go hit the shower and
she’s there waiting but
she’s talking louder.

Not disrespectfully but
to get me hype.
Now I got this soap
and water on my body
and I’m feeling right.

Some mornings I might not take her with me
but most mornings she’s right here.
Helping me get through this traffic
and telling me she will always care.

Whatever the day brings I can count on her voice
to take me to another place,
change my mood, or keep in a mood
that makes me want to sing.

She can be sassy with without hesitation,
or she can sing words of love and dedication.
She can get me hyped and ready for the gym
or she can sooth me into a place of meditation.

She has been known to
put a time stamp on things of the past.
But we’ll only talk about the good memories
…you know the things we want to last.

She is she and
she will always be.

This poem is the one that started my journey as a published author. It is featured in my first book, Love Letters: A Collection of Poems. To hear me read this poem, check out my latest podcast episode, S2E7 – Interludes: Positioning Us for Greatness (with Val “the Voice”).

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