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When we were children
we were fascinated
with our shadows.
Imaginary playmates in
a constant game of tag.

Running as fast as we can,
trying to outrun them.
Coming up with moves
to dodge and
leave them behind.

Whenever they weren’t around
meant the absence of sunshine.
Having fun became
the only way to win.

The older we became we
paid them less and less
—Yet they
remained close.

Even unnoticed
they’ve always
been there.

What if our shadows
captured the freedom
of our childhood?
A time when innocence
allowed us to play,
even dream
without limits.

When we lived life
instead of just
existing in it.

What if acknowledging
our childhood shadows
is how we get out of the
day-to-day rut and
allow fun back in?

What if our shadows
follow us to remind us
how to play,
and dream
without limits?

What if?…

🎧 New podcast episode, Embracing the Mantle of Poet. #NationalPoetryMonth

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