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What if I?…

What if I said hello? Would you just say hello in return or would you see that this would be our beginning?

What if I called you? Would you just answer the phone or would this be the moment you realize my attention is all yours?

What if I only said goodnight and not goodbye? Would you hesitate to say goodnight in return or would you realize that my heart will never let me say goodbye?

What if I held your hand? Would you merely hold mine in return or would you feel that it’s us I’ll fight to hold on to?

What if I gently kissed your lips? Would you kiss me back and think it was a lovely kiss or would you feel the chemistry that is our connection?

What if I told you I love you? What you simply say “love you too” or would you let down your walls and see that mine are down too?

What if I asked you to spend the rest of your life with me? Would you say yes as just a response or did you realize at hello a story began that would never end?


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