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Looking for Joy

I went looking for joy because happiness wasn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is good but sometimes it will pass you on the street without so much as a hello.

Happiness is an opportunist, unwilling to stay when times get tough. It only shows up to show sadness who’s in control. What about the times when sadness isn’t the issue but motivation is?

Happiness is that quick fix when veins streaming from our hearts are craving something to make us feel good or take the edge off.

When I went looking for joy, I realized that happiness has always known the way. Sometimes, passing us by is in hopes that we will turn [our thoughts] around and follow it to joy.

Happiness is an altruist that looks for opportunities to bring us closer to joy, but we often miss what’s right in front of us. Happiness is pieces of a wholeness that only joy can bring.

I went looking for joy and realized that joy is a settling assurance that everything is going to be ok.

I went looking for joy and realized that joy is deep-rooted happiness.

I went looking for joy and discovered that when I embrace happiness, I find joy and nothing can take it away.




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