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If Not Us, Then Who?

If we allow fears to dictate our lives,
we will allow mediocrity to become our level of expectation.

If we continue to second guess our ideas,
we will live as second best to only ourselves.

If we dream without action,
we will never reach any goals.

If we become discouraged because of a loss or two,
we will become complacent at living defeated.

If we stop reaching up for more,
our hands will remain empty and bounded by our sides.

If we are ok with just enough,
then we will miss out on the exceed with abundance in every area of our life.

If we don’t fix or change what hasn’t been working,
we will always be broken.

If we don’t speak out and use our voice for change,
we will always live in the silence of what if.

If we don’t start now,
then every day we’ll be waiting for tomorrow.

If we don’t believe in ourselves,
then who else will?

If not us,
then who?

Just in case you missed the announcement, I finally launched my podcast and episode 2 dropped this week Make sure to head over to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any listening platform and check it out.

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