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Weighted Words

Botanical gardens filled with whatever our hearts desire.
Everything is up for the taking,
but yet we leave with empty terracotta pots.
One stacked on top of the other.
What could be fitting into who we’re afraid to be.

We were made for much more than
just getting by on the minimum.
Sometimes comfort makes us blind to the fact that
we are tethered to the essence of God.
Beautiful in His eyes we are destined for greatness,
poised for purpose, and equipped for the inevitable.

Even if we spent an eternity on this earth,
we would never reach the apex of our full potential.
In days past we’ve carried the heavy load of empty promises,
but on this day, we stack plans on top of actions.

Weighted words of life carry no burdens.
Complacency becomes an antiquity as we open our eyes and
see that everything we wanted and need was always
in proximity waiting for us to discover our worth.

This poem was inspired by an Instagram word prompt by the talented Tethered Wrds Poetry.

Also, if you haven’t yet, please check out my latest podcast episode, Give and Take.

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