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And so it begins, the change in seasons. We reflect on the what we haven’t accomplished yet. The excuse and reasons.

The end of the year is close. We pause to be thankful for life, family, friends, and all of the things that matter most.

It’s a new season but have the leaves gotten the notification yet? We expect them to change overnight, just like people in our lives who’ve started growing and finally started getting it right.

Just because your season may change like clockwork and you seem never have a challenge. Allow them some grace and pray that their life finds balance.

Even those of us with the same goals won’t reach them on the same path. Learn how to take the good with the bad, and always find a moment for joy and happiness. Smile and find comfort in sharing a laugh.

The seasons have changed and we welcome autumn without gloom. Even in your fall, life finds purpose and this is the season it will finally start to bloom.

🎙Episode 3 of The Brown Sugar Café Podcast, Love, Grace, and Gratitude, is available on all listening platforms.

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  1. I love autumn as we call it, the colours, the changes, the smells…it’s spring here in New Zealand and I love this season too for all the new growth, the scented flowers and the crisp mornings followed by clear blue skies. Change is good ♥


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