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Start Healing

Carrying around the weight
of all your burdens begins
to feel like dragging an
overstuffed backpack
—through desert sand.

Sinking slowly, you only
notice when it’s almost
sunken beneath the surface.

Unable to continue pulling
the load, you look around
and see that you are
knee deep in sinking sand.

That’s when you find a pen
and it becomes your shovel.
That’s when you begin writing.

Each word digs you more
and more out of the hole.
With each sentence you wiggle
your way closer to freedom.
As you dig the backpack
begins unpacking. The load
gets lighter, and it becomes
easier and easier to write.

Recused from weight of your
burdens and sinking sand,
you start a new journey.
Solid ground under your feet
and an empty backpack
on your shoulders.

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