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There’s an abundance of joy.
I’m reminded of that
every day that I wake up.
Thankful to see another day
and thankful for new mercies.
Whether it’s Monday or Saturday,
I’m grateful for this privilege of life.

There’s an abundance of grace.
Not just for others
but for ourselves too.
Sometimes we make mistakes
and lose our way,
but we find our way back.
Sometimes we stumble,
but we get up and we try again.

There’s an abundance of love.
As harsh as the world seems,
there’s a lot of love to give,
there’s a lot of love to receive,
and there’s a whole lot of love to go around.
But We must be willing to give it
so that we can receive it.

There’s an abundance of everything—we need.
Sometimes we’re moving too fast to notice.
Sometimes we just need to pause
and appreciate what’s all around us.
Sometimes all we have to do is be still
and be in the moment.

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